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Financial Forecasts

View your profit-to-expense ratio, most profitable source of business, commission income forecasting and projected expenses.

Commission Validation

Are your commission checks accurate? Distribute or receive what is rightfully yours with our FREE Commission Validation™ Tool. 


Business Reports

Generate detailed commission reports, transaction reports, income/expense reports and much more to help create a sustainable business. 

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Real-Time Dashboards

The perfect overview for your business. Simplifies and combines complex data into an easy-to-read visual. The ability to customize multiple dashboards allows for smooth navigation.

Back-Office Data

We make it incredibly simple with hierarchical data reporting to easily create reporting groups for team members, offices, locations, regions, etc. 

Pipeline Management

Your client pipeline is the lifeblood of your business. Manage your deals, forecast revenue and review important transaction metrics.

Target Goals

Create production and income goals for yourself or company. Stay on track and get insights on how to achieve extraordinary results.

Revenue Forecasting

Forecast and source all potential revenue to maximize business performance and profit margins. 

Integration Partners

Zipi is in the process of integrating with popular applications, such as Dotloop and Skyslope in order to minimize the tedious task of data entry. 

Commission Validator™

FREE Tool for Realtors®

You worked hard for that commission check, so why wouldn't you make sure it's accurate? 

Human error is inevitable. Most agents at one point or another will receive a commission check which is not equivalent to their rightful share. The unfortunate reality is that many of them will not realize their loss because they have not made the calculations. The Commission Validator™ tool was created to ensure that this does not happen to our valued customers.

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What our clients say

  • "Zipi is an extremely affordable platform for real estate professionals! It fills in the gaps that have been missing in tracking true "net" commission income and helping you plan for your future goals. Also, for those that have a high volume of transactions, you can easily track which ones you have not been paid on so you don't leave any money on the table."

    Rachel Adams Lee

    CEO | The Rachel Adams Group

  • "The best tool I use by far! It has made tracking my commission and deals so easy. I am now confident that when I get a commission check it is 100% accurate and that I haven't left any money on the table, or in the hands of someone else! Zipi has given me the ability to help me stay on track, reach my goals, and really help me know my business."

    Shelby Block

    Team Leader | Prosperity Real Estate Group